Our Team

Nancy Barnett

Meaningful Use Consultant

Nancy has more than 30 years of technical project experience across many different hardware platforms and software application systems. She also has extensive consulting experience, guiding many different types of organizations to effective use of technology to fulfill their objectives and reduce expenses.

One of Nancy's specialties is management of technical projects, from requirements definition and vendor selection through implementation. She has project manager experience from both sides of a vendor package installation: as a customer working with a vendor and as a vendor implementing a system for a customer.

Nancy serves as a Meaningful Use consultant. She is experienced in performing MU readiness assessments, understands the intricacies of the regulations, and can assist specialties such as radiology, anesthesiology and pathology achieve MU incentives and avoid penalties.

Nancy has a Bachelor of Arts from Ithaca College as well as numerous technical and professional development classes and seminars.