Our Team

Molly Landerkin


Molly provides electronic health record implementation and Meaningful Use Service for Netti Consulting. She has nearly fifteen years of healthcare experience, both as a provider of services as a registered nurse as well as an electronic health record (EHRs) specialist. As a nurse, she has six years of experience working hospitals and medical practices. She has four years of experience working with EHRs, most recently for HealtheConnections, the RHIO of Central New York, where she assisted medical practice under a grant in the Regional Extension Center (REC) Program. Through the REC program, Molly worked closely with the New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC), which manages the program in Upstate New York and Long Island.

In her role working under the REC program, Molly provided advisory services to physician practices implementing EHR systems and aided them in achieving Meaningful Use.  In this capacity, she provided project management, training, education and consultation on workflow and redesign, as well as guidance on Meaningful Use and Privacy & Security requirements. She has assisted dozens of organizations in conducting the Security Risk Analysis to meet Meaningful Use. Molly has also provided advisory services to medical organizations regarding Health Information Exchange (HIE).